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Zigby The Zebra

The 3D Animated Children's TV Series

Zigby is a zebra who ‘trots into trouble’ in a 3D animated series set on a lush jungle island. It follows the adventures of three young friends – Zigby the Zebra, McMeer the Meerkat and Bertie the Guinea Fowl. The star of the show, Zigby, is a zebra who ‘trots into trouble’. He has a lively imagination and in each episode he comes up with an offbeat idea that he just has to follow through. Zigby’s enthusiasm rubs off on his two best friends… McMeer, an adorably innocent meerkat, and Bertie, an anxious guinea fowl. These two always end up joining Zigby’s escapades, which always land them all in some kind of trouble. Then it’s up to Zigby to trot them out of trouble again – which he does in an innovative way.

Overview Zigby's World Zigby McMeer Bertie Zara Laurence Wink, Tink and Stink El Clem Celeen Vicky Education Overview Zigby's World Zigby McMeer Bertie Zara Laurence Wink, Tink and Stink El Clem Celeen Vicky Education

Zigby’s world is a lush and tropical island. The island's features include a distant snow-capped mountain, a flowing river with cascading waterfall and sparkling swimming hole, long white beaches. The jungle is full of life... plants, insects, and animals, though Zigby and his friends are more human than animal. Zigby’s cozy jungle home nestles in a tree where Zigby and his friends play. The jungle is a place for great adventures. It is never hostile. However, Zigby and his two friends, through their antics, create commotion in abundance for everyone else on the island.


Zigby is full of spirit, determined and manages to trot into trouble every single day. A bright, creative thinker, in each episode he has a ‘brainwave’. Eg. Bertie is a bird. Let’s teach him to fly! Zigby's enthusiasm is infectious. The audience will bond with Zigby via his energy and his passion for adventure. Nothing will stand in the way of his plans if he can help it. He’s cheeky without being rude, a leader without being bossy. He’s charismatic, charming and magnetic.


One of Zigby’s two best friends, McMeer, is a charmingly naïve and vulnerable meerkat. He’s easily distracted and not as bright as the other two, which escalates the drama and creates a lot of humour. At times he becomes confused, torn between Zigby’s enthusiasm and Bertie’s caution, and is likely to change his mind mid-stream. The audience will feel for McMeer because he always tries to do his best. Just when the audience thinks he will never get it right he will surprise everyone by pulling off a seemingly impossible feat.


The third member of our intrepid gang, Bertie, is an African Guinea Fowl with a naturally nervous disposition. He’s very fast thinking but because of his cautious nature he always hesitates before acting. Bertie’s natural instinct is to try and keep his friends and himself safe. Which is a big job when your friends are Zigby and McMeer. Unlike either of them Bertie thinks things through. He’s also very observant. Bertie sees and hears things the others don’t and tries to warn them ahead of time. He doesn’t always succeed. Bertie wishes Zigby would be more cautious but deep down he admires his bravery and enthusiasm.


Zara is Zigby’s younger cousin. She’s smart, but still little, so the other characters often help her out… especially Zigby. She looks up to Zigby, which brings out the best in him. Laurence is her number one playmate, and she also takes care of him when he needs it. Zara appears very cute but don’t cross her.


The youngest character in the show, Laurence is a lion who is looking for his roar. He is extremely shy and vulnerable. He tags along with Zara but is not brave or quick to act, so Zara usually takes the lead.

Wink, Tink, Stink

These mischievous monkeys are not so much Zigby’s friends as friendly rivals. Wink and Tink are girls and Stink is a boy who just loves smelly things. They are cheeky and fond of playing tricks and will attempt to mess with Zigby’s plans just for the fun of it. They are often hiding in the treetops from where they overhear information, which will spark off their ideas for tricks.


El the elephant is a great friend to Zigby and the gang. She is good fun, loves a joke, and has a knack of turning up at the right moment. She often has a clever idea and can be a helpful friend to have around because of her size, strength and long trunk, which is great for lifting heavy things and reaching high places.


Clem is a chameleon who can fade in and out of view whenever it suits him. A typical ‘know-it-all’, Clem thinks he knows something about everything and loves to show-off.


Celeen is a hippo who is usually found at the waterhole with her best friend, Vicky. She loves to sing and would adore to be a star. While she can sing delightfully, she unfortunately lacks natural elegance. Celeen also loves her garden and can often be found pottering around in it.


Vicky is an extremely vain flamingo who just hates to get dirty and loves to preen and pose in front of others. She often asks her best friend Celine for her help with a makeover or new ‘feather-do. Vicky has an aversion to bugs, which can be a problem if you live in a jungle.

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